Terms and Conditions

Emirates Islamic Cardholders are entitled to earn cash back on Cashbacksouk platform subject to having a valid / active Emirates Islamic Card.

"Cardholders" means the holders of Emirates Islamic Cards.

"Bank " means Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC

"Cashbacksouk" means www.cashbacksouk.ae.

"Retailers" means the retailers on the cashbacksouk.ae.

"Qualifying Transaction" means tracked, genuine and successful transaction.

"Offer" means the cash back that is provided by Retailers for purchases made through cashbacksouk.ae

1. Emirates Islamic Cashbacksouk Platform allows Cardholders to register on the www.cashbacksouk.ae ("CASHBACKSOUK") and create an account ("Account") to earn cash back on qualifying transactions at retailers showcased on the Cashbacksouk webpage ("Retailers"). To qualify for cash back, the Retailer must confirm that the Cardholder's purchase is tracked, genuine and successful (constituting a "Qualifying Transaction").

2. Cashbacksouk membership is available through registration process after you submit certain requested information. At registration, you will be asked to provide Card Number and Expiry Date on your Debit/Credit/Prepaid card. This information will not be kept or used for any financial transaction. Based on the information you have provided, Bank will send you a zero USD OTP SMS to your mobile phone number registered with the Bank to do the necessary verification to complete registration on www.cashbacksouk.ae. In few cases, in order to complete the registration, your Credit Card will be charged with AED 1 and the same will be refunded back within 48 hours. To benefit from cash back offers on Cashbacksouk, customers' must log in to www.cashbacksouk.ae, browse through th retailers, click on the retailer's link on Cashbacksouk Portal and continue on to retailer's webpage. So that, purchases on the Retailers' webpage are tracked by Cashbacksouk.

3. Cards with EI SmartMiles rewards program will be able to access the Cashbacksouk platform through www.eirewards.ae. No additional registration will be required for such customers.

4. When a purchase is completed on a Retailer's webpage, the qualifying transaction will be tracked within 72 hours on Cashbacksouk platform and you will be able to track your transaction and relevant cash back under status showing as "Pending Cash back" on Guaranteed Cash back on Shopping Account.

5. If a qualifying transaction is a purchase of a good, confirmation of cash back on Cashbacksouk will be done post return/cancellation period this may take 4-12 weeks for cash back to be confirmed. If the qualifying transaction is a hotel or flight booking, confirmation of cash back will be post the flight or hotel stay date. Once your cash back is confirmed you will receive it on your card cash back pool in your following statement.

6. Date for qualifying transactions on Cashbacksouk platform shows the date that your transaction has been tracked by Cashbacksouk.This date can be different than the transaction date or post-date that you will see on your credit card statement.

7. Order amount on Cashbacksouk can be slightly different than the transaction amount that you may have on your credit card statement. This is due to the different currency rates applied by Retailers and the Bank. Additionally, as explained under Bank's Statement of Charges and General Cardholder Agreement, currency conversion fee can be applicable by MasterCard/VISA on your international spends.

8. Cash back rate that is advertised on Cashbacksouk Platform is applied on the home currency of the Retailer's webpage for e.g. if the transaction currency is Pounds, then cash back will be calculated in Pounds and then will be converted to AED along with the exchange rate applied by the Bank.

9. For delivery of purchases, kindly refer to retailer's terms and conditions.

10. From time to time Merchants may increase or decrease the cash back rate - in which case the cash back offer illustrated on Cashbacksouk Platform may be incorrect. By default, your applicable transactions will be credited in line with the cash back rate reported to us by the Merchant, which may be more or less than the advertised rate. Emirates Islamic shall not be liable for any difference in the expected cash back and the actual cash back received by the Cardholder.

11. lf the goods are returned or the sale reversed or amended by any means then the cash back payment will not be made. Further, in the event that the Merchant feels that the purchase is not genuine for any reason whatsoever, the Cardholder will not receive any Cash back.

12. Emirates Islamic shall not be held responsible if the Merchant fails to report a sale or does not qualify a transaction as Qualifying Transaction. Further, Emirates Islamic shall not be held responsible for not tracing any sale back to the Cardholder due to technical error or any other reason and for not qualifying the transaction as a Qualifying Transaction for any reason whatsoever.

13. The Bank's decision on computation, lapse, cancellation, forfeiture, credit, debit and re-instalment of cash back shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Cardholder.

14. ln any case of a missing cash back, the customer can raise a ticket on Cashbacksouk platform after 3 working days after the transaction has been completed.

15. When Cardholder raises a ticket on Cashbacksouk platform for missing cash back, Bank's system will check whether the Cardholder had exited Cashbacksouk platform for that retailer on the date mentioned by the Cardholder.

16. Cash back will not be payable to the Cardholder in the following circumstances:

  • if cash back is not attributed to a Qualifying Transaction or associated with an Cashbacksouk Account;
  • if the Cardholder is not logged-in to the Cashbacksouk when making the relevant purchase;
  • if the purchase transaction is reversed or cancelled due to any fraudulent activity or any breach of this Agreement.
  • if payment/transaction is not made by Emirates Islamic Card, then the Cardholder will not be eligible for Cash back.
17. All Cash back shall be forfeited and no additional or unprocessed requests of Cashbacksouk shall accrue or be processed on a Emirates Islamic card in the following circumstances: (a) the Emirates Islamic Card Account has been closed or is not in good standing (as determined by us); (b) all Cards (held the same Customer) are cancelled or closed for any reason whatsoever including death; (c) if customer breaches any of these Terms and Conditions and/or any other policy incorporated by reference herein; or (d) any other event, which, at our sole discretion will result in such forfeiture or (e) in case all Cards (Under the same Customer) are cancelled by the Bank for any reason or due to internal rules and policies. In the above circumstances, Cash back will be forfeited.

18. The Bank, at its absolute discretion shall have the right to suspend or terminate any Cardholders access to Cashbacksouk platform, or parts of it. If the relevant Cardholder or Account appears to be in breach of any provision of this Agreement or if it believes that it is essential to protect the interest of Emirates Islamic Bank.

19. The Bank reserves the right, at its absolute discretion. to amend and/or supplement these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notification to the Cardholders. Any such amendments or supplements shall be provided on Cashbacksouk website.

20. ln no event shall Emirates Islamic, any of its affiliates, or any of its officers, directors, employees or agents be liable or responsible for any loss, damage or expense arising out of or otherwise related to this Program.

21. The Bank does not offer or provide any warranties, or accept any responsibility or liability of any kind in respect to this the Bank shall not be in breach of its obligations or otherwise be liable to conduct this Program as a result of any Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure Event in these terms and conditions, shall mean circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Bank including, amongst other things, acts of God, industrial disputes, acts and regulations of any governmental or authority in any jurisdiction. In such circumstances, Bank's obligations. If any, to the Cardholder shall automatically stand discharged without the need to provide notice.

22. These terms and conditions are in addition to the respective Emirates Islamic Card General Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

23. Bank's decision on all matters relating to the Program in case of any dispute shall be final and binding on all Cardholder and no correspondences in relation therewith shall be entertained.

24. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the bank.